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Score Navigator Lead Generator

ScoreNavigator, Inc.  is excited to introduce our new dealership controlled lead generator.

This product allows you to supply potential buyers with a current credit score and financial tools.

More importantly,  as a referrer,  you will get an exclusive shopper with a credit score and a 25-line item summary.  

Once the shopper clicks the link you advertise,  it will take them to a branded enrollment page. 

The enrollment gives the member access for 30 days.   Your dealership will have unlimited access to the members information. You will be able to see your potential buyers financial situation from inside your admin area.  This includes their credit score, debt ratio and disposable income. 

Contact me and we will get you started!

Bernard Smalls





Through Score Navigator,

Get The Information You Need on Each shopper With One Minute Credit Solutions!

Get it NOW! Before Your Competitor Does!!!



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